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Tacos To Go

Tacos-To-Go Menu 

Tacos                                                 $3.95   
  Pacific Cod             
  Shredded Beef                 
  Shredded Chicken         
  Pulled Pork
Burritos                                            $6.95
  Bean and Cheese
  Arctic Cod              
  Shredded  Beef                 
  Shredded Chicken         
  Pulled Pork

Weekly Special                    Mkt. Price                              
Taco Salad                                      $6.75
  Chicken, Pork, or Beef

Nachos                                             $7.50
   Chips, Cheese, ,Ranch Beans,
   Pico de Gallo, and Chicken,
  Pork, or Shredded Beef         

Quesadilla and Salsa           sm   $4.25
   with Ranch Beans               lg.   $5.95
Quesadilla with Meat,         sm. $5.95
  Ranch beans and Salsa        lg.  $6.95
    Rice and Ranch Beans              $3.50    
    Chips and Salsa w/ beans        $3.50
    Sour Cream                                 $0.75
   Killer Green                                 $0.75
   Salsa                                              $1.00
   Guacamole                                   $1.25
   Potato Chips                                $1.00

Seafood Chowder /             sm. $5.99 
  Jambalya                                lg.  $7.50
                                                 xlg. $13.99              
Cookies and Brownies               $2.00

Beverages                 sm $1.25  lg. $1.75
  Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer,
  Sprite, Raspberry Ice Tea,
  Lemonade, Bottle Water

Taco Stand
Key City Fish Company's Tacos-To-Go is located in the Port of Port Townsend right next to our retail market.  It is open Monday - Saturday throughout the year.  Come on in and enjoy one of Port Townsend's best quick and casual lunches!

Calimari Taco Special
Taco atTacos-To- Go
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